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We have all heard the phrase “History repeats itself!”


Yet very few people seriously apply long-term history to the art and science of investing. This artistic, colorful reference book has been written with one objective—to make sure investors are armed with useful information about the performance and characteristics of stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, and collectibles since 1800.

Investments have different personalities and act differently during good times and downtrends. Past bull and bear markets are examined within the various investment groups to show how they differ, and the tools investors can use to navigate the changes in long-term trends.

Finally, the book reviews the surprising reactions of investors to triumphant and catastrophic events that have confronted mankind throughout the ages such as wars, monu-mental peacetime achievements, natural and man-made disasters, and government actions (i.e., interest rates, taxes, and regulations) in reaction to these situations. Similar to how a traveler uses a road atlas to learn about his destination and avoid getting lost, Investment Atlas will help the investor be a profitable user of investment history, not a victim of it.


Next Generation Indie Book Awards

WINNER: Finance

FINALIST: Best Overall Design Non-Fiction, Business, Coffee Table Book History/Historical Non-Fiction

USA Book News Awards

FINALIST: Investment, U.S. History


Customer Reviews
Rob Ryan
When I heard about Winan's Investment Atlas, I knew I wanted to own it. I have my retirement money in the markets and I'm not one to 'buy and hold.' My goal is to ride stocks up and sell at the top. I've made money in down markets with inverse ETF's. I have a day job I love, and zero ambition to frantically trade stocks from my cell phone.

What I hunger for is the answer to this question: "What kind of events signify prolonged expansion and contractions?." Fortunately, that's the exact question the Investment Atlas aims to answer. If I want to time the markets, I need to know where they are headed and why.

Here are some of the topics Winans addresses with photos, charts and concise descriptions: 'War-From Indians to Iraq, How Wars Influence Investing.' 'Disasters-From Kennedy's Death to Katrina: Buy or Sell?' Winans has accurate data all the way back to the 1800s correlated to important historical events. He also traces the market impact of the current war against Al-Qaeda.This level of research, plotted against historical time-lines, is not easy to come by. It's easily worth the price of the book to me.

This is an enjoyable and beautiful book to hold, peruse and contemplate. If you want a better grasp of history and its impact on the markets, I heartily recommend the Investment Atlas to you.
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